Normatec is an excellent complement to cryotherapy treatment. Cryotherapy works through vasoconstriction and biochemical pathways to evacuate inflammation from all blood vessels, tissues, organs and muscles in the body. Normatec after cryotherapy facilitates the elimination (detoxification) of this inflammation through the lymphatic system.

Normatec is used by athletes and non-athletes to improve the performance of their bodies and to recover from surgery, health conditions and aging.

*Athletes use Normatec on their arms, legs and hips (lower backs) to accelerate recovery by evacuating lactic acid and inflammation. Normatec increases blood flow and lymphatic drainage.

* Normatec is approved to treat chronic wounds by increasing blood flow and circulation.

*Normatec is approved to treat venous insufficiency and can eliminate and prevent varicose and spider veins.

*Normatec is approved to treat lymphedema and edema due to diabetes.