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Video Testimonials from Our Clients

Video Testimonials from Our Clients 2018-05-30T12:44:33+00:00

View our client video testimonials:

Peter On How Cryotherapy Helps Him Compete as an Olympic Weight Lifter

Cryotherapy Relieves Hot Flashes due to Menopause

On Rapid Weight Loss Using Infrared Sauna + Cryotherapy

On Weight Loss & Pain Relief

On Weight Loss Benefits & Appetite Suppression

On Acute Injury Recovery: Sprains, Tears, Pulls, Breaks, Surgical

On Athletic & Mental/Emotional Benefits

On AutoImmune Disease Benefits & General Wellness

On Sleep Benefits

On Athletic Recovery & Performance

On Cellulite & Weight Loss

On JetLag and Athletic Recovery

On Recovering from Lower Back Injury Using the Acute Injury Recovery Protocol

On Reducing Food Intolerance & Allergy Symptoms

On General Health & Energy Levels

On the Acute Injury Protocol (5 Days: 5 Whole Body + 5 Local Treatments)

On Athletic Benefits & Energy Level

      Live Like Tony!

Introducing the Tony Robbins Cocktail:
1 Hour Infrared Sauna
3 Minute Whole Body Cryotherapy
30 Minute NormaTec Compression

100 Minutes of Total Rejuvenation
Summer Bodies are Made in Winter...Let's Get Started!

Proven Cellulite & Fat Reduction : $499
10 Whole Body Cryotherapy
10 Local Cryotherapy to Targeted Area

Average Inches Lost: 2.2
Average Weight Loss: 7lbs
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ChillRx Now Offering GainsWave Treatments for Men

Our registered nurses use acoustic sound waves to improve blood flow...relieving erectile dysfunction & enhancing sexual performance

  • Drug Free & Non-Invasive
  • Clinically Proven Results
  • Pain Free
  • We Offer 10% OFF GainsWave Pricing: Lowest Prices in NY, NJ and PA!
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The Summer Body Project @ChillCryo

10 Whole Body  + 10 Targeted Spot Treatments: $499

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GainsWave Flash Sale!

Single Treatment Discounted! $400 (reg. $600)
Curious how GainsWave can work for you?
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Summer Transformation NOW ON SALE!

Unlimited Cryotherapy Discounted!!

  • 3 Months @ $299/month
  • 2 Months @ $319/month
  • 1 Month @ $333/month
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It's the Dog Days of Summer @Chillcryo!!

All 10 Packs are 20% Off!

  • 10 Whole Body Cryotherapy: $399
  • 10 CryoFacials/Spot Cryo: $280
  • 10 Whole Body + 10 CryoFacials: $499
  • 10 Infrared Sauna: $275
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Try Infrared Sauna + Whole Body Cryotherapy for Rapid Weight Loss!
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