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Give Mom the Gift of  Beauty 


Cryotherapy Reduces Cellulite!

Targeted application of cold temperature to areas of fat & cellulite cause fat cells to self-destruct. Clients experience 1 to 3 inches of fat loss & skin smoothing.

Cellulite Reduction Program: $499

Intensive Cellulite Reduction: $125


CryoFacial Builds Collagen, Reduces Wrinkles & Pore Size

CryoFacials reduce symptoms of rosacea, acne, eczema & psoriasis while reducing pore size, building collagen and tightening the skin!

3 CryoFacials: $99

Intensive CryoFacial Repair: $75


Whole Body Cryotherapy Activates Weight & Fat Loss!

Burn 800 calories, boost metabolism & suppress appetite! Also tightens skin & removes stubborn fat deposits & cellulite.

Intro Whole Body + CryoFacial Treatment: $60

20 Whole Body Cryotherapy Treatments: $799


Give Mom the Gift of Fitness


Cryotherapy Speeds Recovery, Heals Injuries  & Enhances Performance

Athletes love cryotherapy to speed healing from injuries & exertion and to enhance performance. Increase energy, focus, mobility & relieve pain! 

3 Whole Body + 3 Local Cryotherapy: $175

5 Whole Body + 5 Local Cryotherapy in 5 Days: $199


Give Mom the Gift of Good Health


Cryotherapy Reduces Pain from Injuries, Arthritis, AutoImmunes…

Suppress pain & inflammation related to rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, arthritis, MS, spinal syndromes, injuries and more. 

Intro 2 Whole Body + 2 Local Cryotherapy: $99

31 Day Unlimited Cryotherapy: $399


Whole Body Cryotherapy Improves Sleep & Mood!

Relieve insomnia, improve depression and reduce pain for a blissful, restful slumber!

3 Whole Body Cryotherapy Treatments: $139

Unlimited Monthly Cryotherapy: $399 ($13 per treatment)


Fire & Ice: 

Infrared Sauna + Cryotherapy 

Infrared sauna burns fat & calories, detoxifies and relieves pain & inflammation. Combine with cryotherapy treatment for the ultimate rejuvenation!! 

Fire & Ice Treatment: $79

Infrared Sauna 3 Sessions: $125

Infrared Sauna Session: $55