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mother’s day gift guide

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Need Ideas for Mother’s Day? See our Mother’s Day Gift Guide!



Give Mom the Gift of  Beauty 


Cryotherapy Reduces Cellulite!

Targeted application of cold temperature to areas of fat & cellulite cause fat cells to self-destruct. Clients experience 1 to 3 inches of fat loss & skin smoothing.

Cellulite Reduction Program: $499

Intensive Cellulite Reduction: $125


CryoFacial Builds Collagen, Reduces Wrinkles & Pore Size

CryoFacials reduce symptoms of rosacea, acne, eczema & psoriasis while reducing pore size, building collagen and tightening the skin!

3 CryoFacials: $99

Intensive CryoFacial Repair: $75


Whole Body Cryotherapy Activates Weight & Fat Loss!

Burn 800 calories, boost metabolism & suppress appetite! Also tightens skin & removes stubborn fat deposits & cellulite.

Intro Whole Body + CryoFacial Treatment: $60

20 Whole Body Cryotherapy Treatments: $799


Give Mom the Gift of Fitness


Cryotherapy Speeds Recovery, Heals Injuries  & Enhances Performance

Athletes love cryotherapy to speed healing from injuries & exertion and to enhance performance. Increase energy, focus, mobility & relieve pain! 

3 Whole Body + 3 Local Cryotherapy: $175

5 Whole Body + 5 Local Cryotherapy in 5 Days: $199


Give Mom the Gift of Good Health


Cryotherapy Reduces Pain from Injuries, Arthritis, AutoImmunes…

Suppress pain & inflammation related to rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, arthritis, MS, spinal syndromes, injuries and more. 

Intro 2 Whole Body + 2 Local Cryotherapy: $99

31 Day Unlimited Cryotherapy: $399


Whole Body Cryotherapy Improves Sleep & Mood!

Relieve insomnia, improve depression and reduce pain for a blissful, restful slumber!

3 Whole Body Cryotherapy Treatments: $139

Unlimited Monthly Cryotherapy: $399 ($13 per treatment)


Fire & Ice: 

Infrared Sauna + Cryotherapy 

Infrared sauna burns fat & calories, detoxifies and relieves pain & inflammation. Combine with cryotherapy treatment for the ultimate rejuvenation!! 

Fire & Ice Treatment: $79

Infrared Sauna 3 Sessions: $125

Infrared Sauna Session: $55

      Live Like Tony!

Introducing the Tony Robbins Cocktail:
1 Hour Infrared Sauna
3 Minute Whole Body Cryotherapy
30 Minute NormaTec Compression

100 Minutes of Total Rejuvenation
ChillRx Now Offering GainsWave Treatments for Men

Our registered nurses use acoustic sound waves to improve blood flow...relieving erectile dysfunction & enhancing sexual performance

  • Drug Free & Non-Invasive
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  • Pain Free
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The Summer Body Project @ChillCryo

10 Whole Body  + 10 Targeted Spot Treatments: $499

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Fire Up the Grill & your Metabolism this weekend!

Whole Body Cryotherapy: $35
CryoFacial/Local Cryo: $25

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Limit 3 of Each per clien
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GainsWave @chillcryo 

We want you to have an amazing summer!!!
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2 Weeks Unlimited Cryotherapy: $199

Whole Body or Spot Cryotherapy
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Fall for Cryotherapy with 20% Off All 3 Packs!

3 Whole Body Cryo: $139
3 CryoFacials/Local: $99
3 Whole Body + 3 CryoFacial: $199
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