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Amazing research conducted to test the effect of 3 minute whole body cryotherapy sessions on the lipid profile of healthy adults. The study concludes that 10 whole body cryotherapy sessions successfully lowered bad cholesterol LDL and raised good cholesterol HDL. For anyone living with high cholesterol, this is an incredible finding. It may be possible to get off of cholesterol pharmaceuticals through the us dee of whole body cryotherapy.

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Changes in lipid profile in response to three different protocols of whole-body cryostimulation treatments.
Lubkowska A1, Banfi G, Dołegowska B, d’Eril GV, Łuczak J, Barassi A.
Author information
Systemic cryostimulation is useful treatment, both in sport and medicine, during which human body is exposed to very low, cryogenic temperature (below -100 degrees C). Although there exists some evidence of its beneficial effect in biological regeneration, so far it has not been unequivocally determined if the positive effect of repeated stimulations depends on their number in a series. The aim of this research was to estimate the influence of 5, 10 and 20 sessions of 3 min-long exposures to cryogenic temperature (-130 degrees C) on the lipid profile in physically active men. Sixty-nine healthy volunteers participated in the study. The blood samples were taken in the morning, after overnight fasting, before the first cryostimulation session, and the following morning after the last one (5th,10th, 20th). In serum specimens the concentration of total cholesterol (TCh), HDL cholesterol and triglicerydes were determined using enzymatic methods. LDL cholesterol level was calculated using Friedewald formula. The changes in lipid profile (LDL decrease with simultaneously HDL increase) occurred after at least 10 sessions of cryostimulation.